About me

Richard Woulfe

Richard has over 40 years of dive travel experience. He was certified as an  Open Water Scuba Instructor in 1981 and has logged more than 5000 dives in over 50 destinations around the world. These destinations include the Philippines, Indonesia, Komodo, Bali, Raja Ampat, Ambon/Banda Sea,  the Forgotten Islands , Thailand, Maldives,  Cuba, Fiji, Papua New Guinea, Australia, New Zealand, Costa Rica/ Cocos Island, Galapagos, Sipadan/Mabul, Oman,  Palau/Yap, Japan, Colombia,  Florida, California and multiple Caribbean destinations including Panama ,Cozumel,  Barbados, Roatan,   BVI and USVI, Bonaire, and Belize. 


Richard is an expert on marketing and selling adventure group and individual trips to remote dive and snorkel/water adventure locations.  He serves top dive retailer, and dive/water adventure travel specialists


Since 1986 Rich has been traveling around the world an average of 150 days a year.


 In 2012, he started full time travel around the World and has dived extensively during this time in the Coral Triangle-Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia and Papua New Guinea.


Rich is avid water sports and fitness/wellness enthusiast. He spends extended periods of time in Thailand, Texas, California and Chicago.